The Romance Writers “Magic Formula”

Discover how to create romance fiction novels with compelling characters, page-turning plots, exotic settings and a touchingly satisfying “happily ever after” that will leave your readers enchanted and begging for more!

Dear Writer,

From your first inspiration to how to find readers for your published romance novel, WRITE A ROMANCE quickly takes a writer from aspiring to published. It leads you through many different aspects of writing a romance novel, including:

  • What a romance novel is
  • The difference between the romance and your story’s plot
  • How to map out your stories, so you’ll always know what comes next …avoid writers block!
  • A simple technique for developing your initial idea into a complete novel concept
  • How to create highly individual people to live on your pages
  • A method for creating a world in which your reader feels she could step into and live your story herself
  • The one question you must answer to suspend your readers disbelief and keep her reading your story
  • The only BEST way to start your story
  • A sentence-by-sentence method for plotting your story
  • How to pinpoint the exact spot where the beginning of your story ends and the middle begins
  • The secret to creating a winning six-second sales pitch for your book…

… and more.

And for a VERY LIMITED TIME, you can get access to The Magic Formula–the
original specialized writers training course for aspiring romance novelists that
started it all–for only $297.

Happy customers have paid as much as $595 for this in the past, but I’m making access to the original “Magic Formula” available at a $300 discount for a short amount of time because, well, … it’s changing.

That’s right. The Magic Formula is being completely re-written from cover to cover.


Why would I re-write the entire formula when it clearly works perfectly well as it is? I mean, I myself used it to write a 98,046 word romance novel … in just 5 days.

Note: You don’t have to write as many words if you don’t want to (if, for example, you’re doing short stories to test the Kindle waters) but by the time you’re done with the lessons, you will be done with your first draft.

So why a re-do?

Because during the past eight years (the last three of which I’ve spent using this formula to ghostwrite romance novels for others, putting more than 100 titles under my belt-whew!) I’ve tweaked a few things.

Done a little tightening here, written a simpler explanation there…you know. Small stuff.

But as is often the case, the small stuff counts: Big Time. But that isn’t all.

I’ve also added entire sections of new material–cool new tips and tricks that have never been seen before. Awesome stuff, like the bit that explains how you can ratchet up the tension in your stories just by adding three little things you … like me … probably didn’t think of before. (My daughter swears this method adds layers of depth to her stories she would have overlooked before … and it’s so simple to do!)

Plus there’s a really cool section all about how to create character growth that … but wait. I’m not going to go into all the changes and additions here. There are a bunch of them, yes, but I should probably save those surprises for when the new version is ready to be released a few weeks (maybe a month or so) from now, right?

But they’re in there and they are coming.


So what does this have to do with you? Why would you want the original Magic Formula training course when you could just wait for the all-new, revised and re-prettied, totally and completely re-vamped version?

Here’s why:

You should join up today because if you get in now, you’ll get access to both the Original course and the New One at no additional cost. Your members area will simply change over, from one day to the next, from the old to the new. You won’t have to do a thing, either – just log in and it’ll be there.

But I don’t want you to think you’re not getting great stuff here because this is an older version.

Oh, no.

The Magic Formula does exactly what it says it does: It teaches you how to write a romance novel and do it faster, easier, and maybe even better than you would have done without it.

Just look at what’s included:


Lesson 1: What Is A Romance Novel Anyway?”

Discover exactly what a romance novel “is” (you’ll never again be confused
about what your story must have to fit into this genre!)

Lesson 2: Start With The Basics – Create A Spark”

Find out the one thing anyone must have, no matter if they are a rank
beginner or a seasoned, bestselling “pro”, before they can write a novel

Lesson 3: Turn Up The Heat – Get Specific”

Learn a simple technique for quickly turning your ideas into complete,
ready-to-write novel concepts (which means you’ll be able to write more
novels faster!)

Lesson 4: Story Development 1 – Who?”

Learn to create highly individual, interesting people to live on the pages of
your novel

Lesson 5: Story Development 2 – What?”

Find out why the best stories are about having something vitally important
to do…

Lesson 6: Story Development 3 – When And Where?”

Learn to create a world in which your reader feels as if she could step into
the scenes you have written and live them herself

Lesson 7: Story Development 4 – Why?”

Discover the one question you absolutely must answer to suspend your
reader’s disbelief, and keep her reading your story

Lesson 8: Story Development 5 – How?”

Creating a plan of action for your characters that will make writing your
story as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

Lesson 9: Shape That Irresistible Novel – In The Beginning”

Discover the only “best way” to start your story…

Lesson 10: Shape That Irresistible Novel – The Middle”

Revealed: two “story supports” that help you bridge the gap between the
beginning and your story’s end, and completely avoid the dreaded “sagging

Lesson 11: Shape That Irresistible Novel – The End Is Near”

Why you must let your characters fight “The Ultimate Final Fight” between
good and evil!

Lesson 12: Books Have Layers – Structuring Scene and Sequel”

Seven pieces of the novel puzzle that will help you create scenes and sequels
in your novel that lock together so logically, so tightly, not one single word
can be removed without damaging the entire story (which means less
rewriting and editing for you!)

Lesson 13: Getting Under Their Skin – A Bare-bones Method For Crafting A Page-turner”

Discover a sentence-by-sentence method of plotting your story (that will
have you writing like a pro from your first paragraph!)

Lesson 14: Theme, Premise, And Your Book’s Blurb – The Six-Second Sales Pitch”

The secret to create a winning six-second sales pitch for your book, and

Sweet, right? There’s everything you need to know to write a romance–fast!

Look what USA TODAY Bestselling Author Leighann Dobbs has to say about The Magic Formula:

“Tina made my writing go from dull to amazing!

Tina knows what makes a book interesting to the reader and what romance readers want – and that’s what you’ll get in this course. Each lesson will take you one step further to being able to write romance books that readers love – books that gain fans that come back and buy every book you write. The key is in knowing what to write about and how to write it – sounds easy but it’s not! With Tina’s guidance I was able to learn how to write these types of stories and now have several published – and even some fans!”

~ Leighann Dobbs, Published Romance Author

And more is coming–very, very soon.

I gotta warn you though, after a short introductory period, access to the new course is going to go for $997. Yes, that’s a pretty hefty price tag. The new training is worth every penny, too.

But you could get access to both for just $297 if you join now. So why wait?

Here’s what you need to do:

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And when the new material is ready? You won’t have to do a thing but log in and enjoy.

You should know there are a few terms, though. Specifically, I’m making no promises and offering no refunds or guarantees. Why not? Because with this training, if you put in the time and effort, you CAN write a romance novel, but I have no way of knowing whether or not you actually WILL.

If you don’t?

Based on what I’ve seen in the past, I’d say it’s probably more because you didn’t than because you couldn’t and if you’re one of those people who probably won’t, this training isn’t for you. Go ahead and move along. Nothing to see here. Not one of those people? Awesome! I can’t wait to see you inside!

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